Wednesday, July 24, 2013

random wednesday thoughts

With an (over)active brain and imagination I find that regularly posts of random thoughts help. So today will be such a random day of this and that and then some. Here goes.

~ The feeling of being able to breath and sleep 'cause the summer temperatures where more reasonable than in Budapest, well let's just say that today was not such a day. But I won't nag about the weather, because I hate when people need to complain about that, those people who are clearly not happy unless they have something to complain about, all the time and apparently the weather is an easy target. No matter weather. I refuse to be like that. But my head does feel a bit mushy. And the garden and nature would love quite a bit of rain, it all looks so dry now, weather it's really hot or not, rain would be lovely in the evenings. Warm and plentiful summer rains.

I'm sure I'll miss these hot summer days when winter strikes, when you need to wear layer upon layers of clothes again. So I will not nag. Not a lot. Just that bit about the mushy brain.

~ On one of summer's hottest days I obviously had to inaugurate the latest pair of oxfords. Because why wait until autumn falls upon us? I have to say I absolutely adored them. Not only delightfully quirky and stylish (and pink!) but also incredibly comfy. I remember old blog posts saying I had no idea why shoes seemed to be so appealing to many women - let's just say that was my opinion before I had the uttermost pleasure to know El Naturalista and ART. Because they just keep screaming my name. Me and my happy feet are glad there are regular sales and so forth.

~ Pretty much ever since Budapest I keep having these weird serendipitous moments. Little strange coincidences and odd things coming my way. Quite possibly they began before that, but I notice them more and more. Not really sure what to make of them, yet, but I am smitten. And they make me smile a lot. So it's a good thing despite leaving me slightly clueless.

I'm also experiencing a strange, but perhaps not all unpleasant, kind of restlessness. Which I'm also not sure what to do with. Maybe it's something I have to save for after summer, even if I'm eager to go for the elusive whatever thing now. So I'm trying my best to relax, being summerish and carefree (with varied results with a brain that can't stop thinking. Too much.) - and, granted, looking forward to great projects after summer.

~ Hedgehog 2013 has now become two hedgehogs 2013 - good food a plenty can do that. I love that my garden is a small suburban zoo with not only cats but frogs, birds and hedgies too.

~ Found this fabulous article on Facebook today - thank you, Pärlbesatt, for the tip! - 12 habits of happy, healthy people who don't give a sh*t about your inner peace. Great and enjoyable, go forth and read!

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