Monday, July 01, 2013

kind soaps


Three kind and irresistable gorgeously scented soaps of the organic kind, two from Swedish family company Klockargårdens and two-for-one from Lush.

Quite a few years ago I sold Klockargårdens wonderful scented candles and soaps, still love the candles though I don't sell them anymore. But the soaps are a different story, most of them sadly and incredibly contains either lard or palm oil/derivates. Even most of their so called organic ones contain palm oil/derivates without a word regarding sustainable source. But at my last visit to their shop I managed to find a few soaps which were filled with goodness only. And smell heavenly, both are summer incarnated. One "Svenska jordgubbar" (Swedish strawberries) and the other one is called "Solkatt" (Suncat) and smells of orange and sunny, sandy day at the beach.


The Lush soap is called Sweet Soap of Mine and contains two soaps, one Godmother and one Rockstar, they both smells so incredibly good in that going weak at the knees way. Some scents can do that. And they always turn the shower/post shower experience into pure indulgence. And since one has to take showers regularly, why not make it heavenly scented pure indulgence ones.


The soapy threesome were of course paw inspected and approved.


I also adore the simply yet punchy design of the Lush bag, Fighting animal testing.

Do you have any favourite soaps?
Or favourite scents,
scents that make you go weak at the knees?

1 comment:

Elephant's Child said...

Vanilla and cinnamon are both 'comfort smells' for me.

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