Tuesday, July 02, 2013

breakfast smoothie

opted for a smoothie only breakfast today -

it might have been due to the fact that i hadn't the tiniest dollop of butter left in the fridge and i couldn't be bothered to find a reasonable and quick substitute for it on my sandwich -

i whizzed together two frozen bananas (it would have been nicer if not frozen but it was the only ones at hand), mango, cranberries and grapes. plus a generous splosh of coconut water. i ate it with a handful of different seeds.

yes it was rather lovely, but both me and my teacup kind of missed my breakfast sandwich which usually is dark rye with butter, cheese and veggies. 

i'm not really a breakfast person, it might be concidered the most important meal of the day, but it's also very boring and only a must, not really a pleasure. at least not those days when you have very early mornings.

how's your relationship with breakfast?
and what's your favourite breakfast?


Elephant's Child said...

Favourite breakfast? A cup of tea while listening to and watching the birds. Followed in summer at least by a large bowl of fruit salad. No apple, no orange, no pear. Tropical fruits, stone fruits and berries...

Anonymous said...

I love breakfast, though I have to say that so far I'm not too impressed with the Swedes' idea of breakfast! Sliced meat on a cracker is not breakfast in my book - give me pancakes, bacon, even oatmeal, and we're talking!


Becky Berry said...

You can FREEZE bananas?

Oh, I love crepes!

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