Monday, July 22, 2013

the perfect souvenir

You can't always be so lucky as to find something as brilliant as a nailpolish with the same name as your travel destination, but this time I did - needless to say it was a must. The "You're such a Buda-Pest!", from OPI's Euro Centrale spring collection 2013, in a pale, creamy lavender hue came home with me. Great colour with a tan, not sure it'll be very good on pale winter hands. I painted two coats and I feel it would benefit from a third one (as pale colours often do). But a sweet and dreamy colour just the same. And the perfect souvenir me thinks!

My poor tired and sore feet, after walking mile upon mile on hot concrete streets in Budapest last week, got pampered with bath, scrub, lotion and massage yesterday. They were very grateful and today they too got spruced in colours. One of my favourite green colours "Grass slipper" from Sally Hansen and a lovely teal also picked up in Budapest from Maybelline - just now I realise both brands, like Essie, lack compassion and good sense and apparently test on animals, so obviously I will not buy neither again. My very bad... - I enjoy the colours very much. Semi-circus nails stylee.

Which nailcolours are your favourites for summer?

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Elephant's Child said...

The sooner that companies realise that testing products on animals is unnecessary, cruel and counterproductive the better. And I have been caught before too.

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