Tuesday, July 16, 2013

prosit in budapest

one thing i love about finally having my own business is that i'm never really detached from my work, my so called free time and my work-time are always interlaced. i've kind of always lived under the illusion that such a state is a bad thing, that work and free time should be well defined and separated in order to make the most of life somehow.

now i realise, depending on your job situation of course, that is so far from the only truth about job vs leisure time. if your job gives you joy, a flow of creativity and inspiration i believe it's fabulous to simply erase the lines between business and pleasure. the interaction, the flow, the one matter can/will lead to another matter, that you're never really off work, but always relaxed enough to see opportunities and get ideas. of which some are doable, others may not be but still always great ways to keep the brain curious and active.

the pretty much first thing i did when i got  to budapest, which is something i'd never had done 'back then', was to give the taxi driver my business card (after he'd asked what i worked with and was intrigued when i told him). because who knows when, why and who may need one's services?

just this evening we took a wrong turn walking back to the apartment and found ourselves outside a closed antique shop. in the window was a pretty awful figurine depicting a frisky brunette swinging a beer mug. something i'd obviously never ever ever concider buying. at a closer figurine look a serendipitous moment occured though - the base of the figurine was inscripted with 'Prosit' (similar to cheers in German). and suddenly the figurine was simply covetable in all its madness. 

my prosit would never offer swinging beer mugs services, ride a barrel or drape herself ridiculous in red fabric only. but the unfeigned joy and spirited nature the figurine oozes is quite appealing. 

i may go back to the antique shop tomorrow just to have a look at the price of the prosit statuette.

yes there is a reason for serendipity being one of my favourite words.

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