Thursday, July 18, 2013

melting in budapest

... could also be the main theme of this trip. 

sure we've had heatwaves in sweden these past few years with temperatures well over +30C, i've been to scorching hot european summer cities (berlin, hamburg, athens), but i still don't seem to get this heat thing. that such hot summer weather is what it usually is in southern europe. (or is it global warming?)

as a delicate northern being (well) i don't do very well in heat. i simply soldier on, i don't grump a lot (unless someone ask me to do something crazy active), but my brain feels all mushy, i don't want to deal with complicated matters, i feel rather emotional. and my physical reaction to heat is melting, slowly, steadily i melt.

it has been well over +30C all week here in budapest. mornings are lovely, sweet tempered and perfect, a few hours later not so much - how do people get any work done in such heated circumstances?! - followed again by lovely evenings.

you know it's hot when you gulp down +5 litres of varied fluids a day and you only have to pee once that day (without feeling bloated).

it has been a trip with many highlights and serendipity moments, but my oh so tired, sore feet will be oh so happy to land on swedish soil in a few days again. the rest of my body and mind will be grateful for (hopefully) more reasonable summer temperatures.

now drinks please.

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