Wednesday, July 03, 2013

the heart has many shapes


I've probably mention about a gazillion times that one of my favourite shapes is the heart's. Kind and lovable its shape and implication always delights. But I'm not very interested in the girlie, bling, overstated heart-shape - like with pretty much everything, everyone in my life I enjoy the quirky heart shape the most, the interesting, wobbly, the heart felt and non massproduced.

Like my potter friend Lena's fabulous wobbly heart shaped pie-tin/bowl, which I've used for all sorts of nice things since I got it a while back, strawberries, pies, serving plate. A heart shape of a very lovable kind as far as I'm concerned.

Another kind of heart experience I had at a meeting today. Without going into any details I left the meeting feeling dumbstruck, not because it was a bad meeting or an unsatisfying outcome, but because I had prepared myself to the teeth with arguments and answers to all sorts of follow up questions and thought the meeting would take about an hour. Instead it took fifteen minutes and the details solved pretty much effortlessly.

And as silly as it may seem for something as seemingly simple it was kind of a revelation and aha-experience for me. Because my overall professional and personal experience, my career damage as an ex-(thank goodness!)lawyer, is that dealing with people and negotiations (even the simplest of simple) is a hassle, you have to be prepared with a gazillion arguments and be able to deal with all sorts of stupidity and inconceviable complications even to uncomplicated matters that can be easily solved.

Your time, everyone's time, and energy, could be so much better spent. Instead your intentions and credability is questioned, you have to prove yourself again and again. In short, sad as it may seem, I am not very used to hassle free, professional meetings where someone just trust your instincts and competence. So that is something I'm taking with me from today, the aha of meetings about simple matters can actually go smoothly and quickly. You don't have to complicate things and you can trust people that they actually are able to do their job. Which, seeing those words like this, is really obvious, but yet not my overall experience. Until now.

I doubt the person in question read this blog regularly, but if you do or happen to read this post, you know who you are - you made my, possibly overactive, brain think a lot of things through today, in a very good way. Thank you.

Oh how I totally heart my happy place in life.

Now playing on a very red iPod - Moby ~ In my heart.

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Elephant's Child said...

What a lovely surprise. And how sad that it is surprising - for you and for me.

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