Saturday, July 06, 2013

kissing day 2013

kissing day 2013

In case you didn't realise it's Kissing Day today (July 6). To be true I didn't know until a few days ago and it wasn't the reason for getting a new lipstick, honestly.

But a red lipstick I got. Apparently there IS a red hue for everyone, me I haven't found mine yet but I love the impact a perfect red lipstick make so I keep looking for my perfect match now and then. The perfect red lipstick for me would be a deep, dark red with a hint of blue hue, which obviously is darn difficult to find. In the end most of the red ones are orangey red or get that on (my) lips. In vain so far, thus I usually stick to lipgloss or chapstick. (And well, practical low maintenance has its advantages...).

kissing day 2013

When I popped by Lush for the soap recently I found this one though, its deep red with hints of blue and when I saw the name of the colour it practically screamed my name - yeah i'm a sucker for the perfect name, quote or the right music when i'm in the changing rooms... -; Beslutsam, redo att köra (Determined, ready to go). Ie just where I am in life right now, love it!

I will most probably not wear it a lot (for practical reasons, I'm not big on retouching make up during the day) but I think it'll be a perfect companion on special occasions, the consistency on lips is really lovely but it does need to be combined with a lip liner since it's rather loose and liquid.

What's your relationship with lipstick?
Favourite colour, favourite brand?

kissing day 2013

As for Kissing Day, as far as I'm concerned kissing, loving and showing affection is of course not something that "counts" only when comprising human to human action, what the world (desperately) needs is more love and showing of affection for all beings, kissing is just a part of that. So, show a bit of extra love today, to someone near and dear -

Happy Kissing Day!

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