Monday, September 23, 2013

september stockholm

september stockholm

From one day to the other autumn came - suddenly a distinct chill in the air, the tweed jacket wasn't too much (alas), no bare legs for the first time in four months (alas) and the heat pump is on (alas). As pretty as the season is colourwise I am so so missing the absolutely stunningly wonderful summer we've had. And I hate having to put on lots of clothes again, as much as I usually love layering I long for the simplicity of summer dressing. I miss the sundress and the need of only a simple cardigan.

september stockholm

But the (too early) Stockholm autumn sunsets are stunning and enjoyable.

Now there'll be six months of darker, shorter days, I'm sure there'll be many awesome days and great things happening during those months, but still I wish for the impossible, a clock turned back to summer and lighter, warmer, simpler days. And the tan to never fade away.


Elephant's Child said...

That is a wonderful sunset. And you are welcome to summer. I find it way tooooo hot and yearn for the cooler months. Never satisfied are we?

Kea said...

There's a chill here too now, and my heat comes on first thing in the morning to warm the house up. Still, the days warm up nicely to the high teens or 20-ish Celsius, so that's perfect!

But I'm not looking forward to 5 or 6 months of wearing long johns every day. LOL.

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