Saturday, September 28, 2013

shoe per diem last september week 2013

shoe per diem week 39, 2013

Trying to make the most of each day shoewise since you never know when you actually need to succumb to wearing socks. Me I'm still adamantly refusing, just wearing leggings makes me feel restrained and uncomfortable. I don't think I've ever felt this unhappy about summer being over. Hopefully I will somehow feel different and content with autumn when October arrives, it is after all my month.

But for now, I hold on, a little bit to summer and bare legged days. Shoes worn during the last week of September 2013.

september stockholm

El Naturalista two-strap Tesela red maryjanes

shoe per diem week 39, 2013

the heart slippers from Birkenstock (working at home shoes)
shoe per diem week 39, 2013

El Naturalista Tesela winered oxfords - and wearing nylons wasn't at all pleasant, but weather called for

blue nails

ART granny square boots - and yes a rather fab blue hue on nails, Orly Witch's blue (which soMeone says is a very obvious colour for me, hrmf...)

shoe per diem week 39, 2013

El Naturalista Tesela purple short boots

shoe per diem week 39, 2013

El Naturalista Dome pink/winered maryjanes

It was good week that went. On many levels. Not only because of the fab shoes worn.

shoe per diem week 39, 2013

PS Someone asked me recently how I avoid blisters with all the walking I do and mostly without socks. I have to say that once upon a time I had a terrible problem with blisters appearing all the time. But somehow that changed gradually when I began wearing El Naturalista (and I'm not even paid for saying this!) and ART shoes, somehow they've been mostly good for feet also in the blister-department. Even when the shoes are new. With exceptions. Now and then I do get the odd blister still. I put on a patch and change shoes for a while. Just this past summer I find that a patch containing aloe vera is a really good thing for a sore foot with blister.

How do you combat blisters? DS

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