Friday, September 06, 2013

what i learnt this friday


Turns out Fridays seem to be days with quite a few lessons learnt and revelations had. This is what I learnt (and got confirmed) today;

~ I learnt that this vertical bar | is apparently called "pipe" and that you find it at the < > key on a PC-keyboard.

food stockholm

~ I really do not enjoy cheesy food. And I hate having meals without plenty of veggies. It makes me feel bloated and unsatisfied - and I can't believe people rave about this taquería, the lack of veggies and the only vegetarian option being different queasadillas left me utterly disappointed. So not my type of food or place. Will not frequent again.

~ I demand a lot of myself, both quality- and quantity-wise, I'm usually harder on myself than I am on others (well at least when I know I'm great at something) when I don't live up to the standards I know/think I should live up to. I hate not having done a competely excellent job in every aspect right from the start - despite knowing that we all make mistakes, we can't grasp totally new concepts completely from day one and with constructive feedback we can only get better. Still hard on myself.

~ When I know I may not have done the usually proofreading on my own texts (due to pouring a lot of time and energy into the texts themselves) and the proofreading feedback only holds minor mistakes (and some being a case of subjective opinion rather than grammar rules set in stone) I see it in the positive light of 'obviously I'm so good at this that even when I'm doing it a tad half-hearted the errors need fixing aren't worse than that' - which is rather sweet and stimulating. And next time I can do better since I know I'm on the right track text-wise.

fika stockholm

~ Apparently bellyache due to too much cheesy food can be neutralized by a soy latte and something chocolatey (ie much like eating a carrot or two prevents the possible damaging effects of having a pastry). I'm glad the bobbaloos always know the perfect remedy for any setback.

~ Having an accountant really is a relief and takes the load of book-keeping of a pair of not-very-interested-in-the-numbers-like-that shoulders - although admittedly I think I should be able to do this myself (business economics and tax law were two of my favourite courses while studying law, though you wouldn't think so today given my ignorence and utter uninterest in the matter) and I would much rather spend money on other matters. But still, I suppose this is the price one has to pay for not having to worry about this particular part of administrating your own business.

And granted, it is nice to have someone to ask 'stupid' and practical questions regarding finances and tax regulations.

~ September can be a truly lovely month, both weather- and otherwise. No sign, apart from colder, darker evenings, of summer being over. It has been a fantastic, sunny, warm first autumn week - I wish for at least three more to come! (Although why weird people insist on bundling up in winter coats, boots and woolly scarves already is one of life's great mysteries. As if six months of that being a climate necessity isn't enough. Jeez...)

~ When you KNOW you're the peachy perfect person for a certain matter, you've been well beyond patient while proving that, mollycoddling in order to get things done (when you really would like to shake things - or a certain person - into realising this is the right and awesomely successful and inspiring thing to do), being absolutely charming, empathetic, irresistable, insisting, sincerely well-meaning and you still do not get the OBVIOUS reaction of delight and joy (given the situation that really really REALLY needs improving).

Well, that can be both frustrating (which goes without saying) but also incentivizing. Because, seriously, this need to be happening, for countless of reasons. And really, I am so without a doubt the one and only for this, devoted to a great thing that needs more attention. Passionate people will bring great things to the table and make a difference.

Now pondering the next creative step.

While doing just that the jury of me is still very much out on what I think about what does the fox say...

Happy weekend,
one and well-deserving all!

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Poppy Q said...

Hope you weekend is better than your Friday Miss Pia.

Julie and Poppy Q

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