Friday, September 20, 2013

thank you, gothenburg ~


It has indeed been an awesome week well spent. I'm so pleased I finally made the decision to go to Gothenburg - a city I haven't been to for about 6 or so years I think and when I was there I never really walked around or use the tram - and book a lot of great work-related meetings with inspirational people.

I'm quite smitten by the city, its overall more laidback and friendly attitude compared to the often pretentious and always stressful feeling in Stockholm.

The city showed me sun, rain, picturesque districts and modern districts, fab trams and reckless bikers, great vegetarian meals, not so great vegetarian meals, cosy cafes and wonderful fika. I even got to go to an unexpected premiere of a play.

But most of all I (and Prosit) loved all the special people I got to meet, professional, personal, lovely and inspiring in different ways and fields of work (even if they all in some way worked with communication and words of course). Wow, wow, wow. And wow. Home with me I got lots of exciting things of various kinds.

These past few days also held too much coffee (soy latte), not enough sleep, not enough food, huge dark circles under my eyes and a strange husky voice from (too) much talking - but all that are indeed small prices to pay for such fabulously spiritizing days. Treasured days.

Thank you, Gothenburg,
we'll meet again, I'm sure ~


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Elephant's Child said...

How wonderful. I am very glad for you.

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