Thursday, September 12, 2013

two happy muses


Some days a perfect soy latte with your name all over it can be synonymous with happiness.
Today I had one, which was rather nice of course, but the most happiness instigating thing of the day was the (as always) inspiring, wise, silly, smart, thought-provoking hours of conversations, working and planning I had with one of my business partners.

I love how we ALWAYS make eachother laugh until we basically cry, how alike we think and yet how we also make eachother see things and decisions in new lights (and what a relief that can be when we've struggled with certain things, different things).

I am most happy how we found eachother during one of those walk & talk sessions, that we later met up for fika, that we decided we both would love to have a project together and that we've since six months back spent countless hours with wonderful, uplifting, brainstorming conversations over coffee. That our respective competences compliment and inspire eachother fabulously and that our ideas have now been put together into our brilliant (if I may say so, yes of course I may!) project Two Happy Muses - creative workshops in work joy (website and workshops only in Swedish at the moment).

Yes, the Swedish word for it is "arbetsglädje", when I look for the proper translation in English the only one I get is "work satisfaction" and that really isn't what it's all about (that's only a side effect). No it is about finding pride and joy in your workplace, realising you can (should) own responsability for your work environment (as well as the world around us). Simply put, people who like going to their place of work, who find it meaningful and empowering are more productive and satisfied. Which of course benefit the results for the company. And then connecting those dots with the world around us in thinking about and striving for sustainability in sharing is caring.

We are now officially launched and we would absolutely love to help you and your company connect those dots of joy, work, sustainability through our fabulastic workshops
(in Swedish only at the moment).
Interested in hearing more about this?
Have a look at our website and
please contact us via the contact information there.
Welcome to Two Happy Muses
aka Catherine & Pia ~

shoe per diem - two happy muses

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