Wednesday, September 04, 2013

pink wednesday

pink day

Due to a certain presidential visit - it would have been great to give him the fabulous Obama cap, had the opportunity risen though - it has been *quite* a chaotic traffic situation in Stockholm city. So I rescheduled my meetings for another day and alas the fabulous digital drawing workshop has been postponed for some weeks.

pink day

So it turned out to be a rather mellow day. Filled with pink moments. From the beauty of vases filled with asters on my office window sill -

pink day

to feeling blessed and happy about the fact that this is really my working office view. Really, truly, madly, deeply grateful for that.

pink day

And a little fuzzy new bosom buddy.

But as much as I loved all these little moments of pink delight, I must also confess that on days of planned activities that are cancelled or rescheduled that companion restlessness come to visit. Reminding me that I am waiting for something,
don't know what, when or where,
only a certain something to happen.

1 comment:

Elephant's Child said...

Loved the asters, cringed at your bosom buddy (allergies) and hear you on the restless front.

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