Sunday, September 29, 2013

sunday deception and such


some lessons learnt today, on the last sunday of september.

~ that all is not always what it seems. that some companies, organisations and pr-agencies think decieving and lying is a  good and successful way to build meaningful and long-term relations with customers and users. i am, as usual, dumbstruck at the stupidity and lack of respect.

in this particular case it's about the restaurant dill sthlm in fact being an anagram for lidl (yes really), read more about it in my original post from a few days back (incl rather unpleasant comments, in swedish, from an employee...).

~ confirmation that i really should keep questioning things, not be easily charmed and trust the gut feeling. (the latter still being a bit of a problem since my old keep analyze and question myself-trait is not an easy one to ignore...)

~ that not having a daily dose of sun and/or warmth makes for a tired mind and body. no matter how sparkling in red, orange and yellow this season is.

~ a big fat confirmation that re-checking details is a good thing, that even people whose job it is to check other people's work can make mistakes. and that a good memory for details is never ever a bad thing.

~ that a 50% sale and only my size left on a pair of great and quirky looking tall boots must be a sign that a pre-birthday gift is called for.

~ that cats who think empty food bowls during nights is a bad bad thing have refined their behaviour into knocking, yes knocking not scratching, on bedroom doors for a refill. yes it's rather an eerie experience. but i'm also quite pleased to be sharing home with such clever, silly little furballs.

what sunday lessons did you learn today?


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Poppy Q said...

Good on you Miss Pia for making an honest post about your dinner. I thought it was interesting, well done.

Ohhh - new boots, good on you girl.

Less than a month til our birthday!!

Julie and Poppy Q

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