Tuesday, September 03, 2013

little green friend

little green friend

One thing I can't be blamed of is certainly embracing new gadgets and every shiny, hip and new It-thing wholeheartedly at first release and glance. Quite the opposite actually, I'm usually rather sceptical and prefer to wait and see, analyze, read reviews and hear views from different sources. My dislike for the uncritical group-mentality is as strong as ever regarding this.

That said, I'm obviously no stranger to, after analyzing the pros and cons, the usefulness, intrigued by opportunities, curious to learn about new areas of creativity, getting a new gadget.

So, with help of recent great news and opportunities, on the last day of summer Prosit picked itself up an iPad. And a green smart case for immediate protection. So far we have an amiable relationship and I'm sure we'll grow quite a fond connection given more time and exploring together.

Tomorrow we'll have an outing involving a workshop about drawing on iPad. Which will be something completely creatively new for me. Once upon a time I used to draw quite a lot, I haven't for many years and I don't think I was ever very good at it, there are many other creative outflows I'm a great deal better at. (Thus more satisfying to spend time doing.) But with new techniques, new ways of doing old things come new opportunities and I feel quite excited about this. The amalgamation of old and new can do that.

What's your favourite gadget/s and why?
Do you feel it has made your life and work easier?
Or does it rather rule your life and choices?

little green friend

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