Monday, September 30, 2013

adieu september ~

red apples

One of the sweetest song verses I know is "Keep your heart open, your eyes shut tight, what will be will be..." - I do try and keep both heart and eyes open (but when I wish for something special I tend to keep them eyes shut tight), though when things doesn't go my way, right here, right now I know that what will be will be. Because they are meant to.

That feeling, that belief does make it easier to take setbacks. And of course, the working towards the goal/s will continue, cross-fertilisation and serendipity oh how I heart you. (Yes I do make an effort with the happy place thing, I owe that to myself and the world around me...)

Today was the day we said goodbye to September, another month that just said swoosh. I think that, alongside the previous summer months, you will be remembered as an overall rather fine month indeed. So thank you, and could you please whisper in the ear of October to continue on this lovely path of goodness?

I ended the month in style, with getting tickets for upcoming TEDxStockholm events, the first warm up now on Thursday Oct 3 already and the main one is on October 21 - I'm sure me and my fellow happy muse will be inspired in new ways.

Adieu September,
hallo October,
what will be will indeed be ~

-- The sweet song verse is from You and I, part II by Fleetwood Mac

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Elephant's Child said...

And a happy October to you.

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