Monday, May 07, 2007

Faraway, So Close

Sydafrika 2007 474
Besides being an amazing movie Faraway, So Close - not to mention its magic prequel Wings of Desire, the main reason I fell in love with Berlin. I admit when I saw the Victory Column with Siegessäule for the first time it was so powerful I began to cry. One of those moments in life when you finally realise irl that something so special really exists not only in the movies. And it's rather overwhelming and emotional... - is also how I feel about these two pictures, or rather the motives.

The picture above being one of my absolute favourite picturesque sightings in South Africa, colourful beach-huts. And the picture below a classic Swedish threesome of fisherman sheds with that typical red/white style.

070503 023
It's basically the same design but with slightly different details, and I find this very endearing. It really shows that even though it's so far apart, faraway on different continents, it's still so very much alike, so close, don't you think?

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