Thursday, May 17, 2007

Clog Day

Nevermind it's Ascension-day today - yes, still being a national holiday in Sweden but with very little religious meaning to it nowadays. More or less business as usual if you work in business, so to write - it's also the Pia Clog Day, i e the very first day of the year I dusted down the clogs bought last spring at G.A.D.
I fell in love with them the moment I saw them, and what the heck, why not re-live some childhood memories and actually buy them! For those of you who do not now, clogs are sort of a national treasure shoewise in Sweden, high fashion in the seventies when I was a child and I sure outworn a few of them back then...
I still dream of getting a pair of supercute Åsa Westlund There Goes The Neighbourhood curbits clogs - haven't had the opportunity to invest in a pair yet though. Which colour, height of heels, type of flowers... Very important things indeed to ponder about.
The other thing is, well, I don't find clogs to be all that comfy anymore to be honest... Definately good for potter about at home or in the garden, not as nice for walking out and about since the wooden soles make them pretty unpleasant for long walks. In my opinion.
But I do like the ones I have - and apart from the ones bought at G.A.D, I do have a pink pair with semi-high heels from Scholl and a low-heeled babyblue ones from Esprit... - and now and then I actually wear them... Like today, spring premiere!
And today's outfit with the finish touch being the clogs went like this:
* (vest, Noa Noa)
* flowery jersey tunic, Indiska
* wine-red corduroy jacket, Gudrun Sjödén
* pale pink crocheted shawl, NoaNoa
* jeans, Levi's
* (handbag Elvira, Mulberry Elgin)

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