Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The misadventures of M

You know those people who with a certain irregular regularity tend to get into all sorts of mishaps and accidents?

My dear M is such a person - even if he surely protests - and it seems like the non-bearing-gifts incident the other day must have made the unknown forces of mishaps rather angry. Because that stomach ache turned out to be appendicitis and even a perforated appendix... The surgery went well though and under the circumstances he seems to do fine.

But I just can't help thinking about all these misadventures of M - he just seems to be an accident waiting to happen. Here comes an excerpt of the misadventurous M's incidents:

  • In the middle of the night he calls me saying he was in the ER just having had surgery on a badly fractured arm - he fractured it when throwing away the trash...

  • When doing the laundry he fell down some stairs and grazed the skin off lower arms and hands rather badly.

  • When out running - back in the stone-ages that was - he fell and got the most astonishing HUGE bruise on one side of his body. Which left him complaining for weeks and weeks.

  • Out on the boat-deck on the ship from Gothenburg to UK he managed to get his finger stuck in the door. It was really windy that day, so the door got shut both swift and hard... Lots and lots of blood... So lucky he didn't lose that finger, but it was a terrible mess which required many stitches from the ship's steward and then a constant check-up at hospitals and medical centres through UK during the holidays... At least he got a good impression of the British medical care system. *He still blames me for the accident, since I was the one who f o r c e d him out on deck for some fresh air*

  • He stepped into a hole while taking Malte for a walk last winter. Home came a very happy dog and a very whining M. I pampered him for some hours before I urged him to go to the ER - a sprained ankle. *The picture above shows the dog "causing" that accident taking the first bath of the year*

  • He somehow fell down from the bed when in South Africa, for that he got an amazing bruise in the perfect shape of the African continent on his buttock. He complained about that incident for weeks - myself I was just completely fascinated by that shape of the bruise. I even have a picture of it, but that would definately give you nightmares for many nights to come.

I haven't been able *touch wood* to match all these major and minor misadventures, the closest I've come must be the time I fractured my arm while bathing a cat. Years ago. Period of limitation has taken care of that mishap.

And I had a period some years ago when I for some unknown and odd reasons fell and grazed the skin of my knees over and over again. My friend A was with me one of those times and the way I fell, the whole falling in slow-motion with limbs everywhere, is a memory she treasures for life.

But other than that, I hope and think I'm on good terms with the gift-bearing-forces above.

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