Monday, May 21, 2007

Pizza boy

I'm not too keen on pizza. Either the crusts are too thick and doughy or too thin and more or less cremated.
They are either too greasy or too dry, too much cheese - yes there can be... - or too little, foul tasting tomatoesauce... Yes the list of reasons for not liking pizza seems to be endless...
And I really don't care if the Swedish pizza buzz-word is stenugnsbakad (stone-ovenbaked?) - they most often are scorched beyond pizza-recognition.
The best pizza I've ever had was at a little "nameless" family restaurant in Venice. It was called Tricolore and had the amazing topping of carrots, spinach and mushrooms - a perfect crust, a perfect tomatoe-base, a perfect amount of cheese and baked in the (perfect) oven at a perfect temperature for a perfect amount of time.
But if I can't have that perfect pizza of three colours, I have only one place, in Stockholm, where I know I always enjoy the pizza I get on my plate. And I always have the same one - the vegetarian. Which always is made with fresh - not those disgusting tinned ones - veggies like mushroom, paprika, artichoke and red onion.
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Oh, and the name of the place that serves this most flavoury pizza in Stockholm - well it's Ricardo's, at Timmermansgatan 40.
And what about you, do you enjoy eating pizza or not? And where do you think they serve the best pizza ever?

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Unknown said...

Mmmm... Pizza. I actually love Pizza, my faves are vegetarian and the "Hawaiian" pizza with ham, pineapple and green peppers. I think Chicago probably has the best pizza in the U.S. (maybe New York, but I've never sampled their pizza). It's all deep-dished and fantastic.

But, here in SLC my favorite is Papa John's delivery - it's fantastic, every time, and at my door in less than 45 minutes. I've attempted to make Papa John's-esque pizza myself, and it never tastes quite as wonderful.

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