Monday, May 07, 2007

I Confess (food)

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Here comes the first chapter of confessions - I felt encouraged to get it off my chest when I read heidi's bag o' secrets... *thanks for sharing!* The first of two, next chapter will come when I've actually come up with some quirky not-wellknown facts about me.

And since there are some food-related things I have a bit of a thing about I decided to give them room enough to breath. From my heart, it gives me great pleasure *well, relatively writing...* to give you my food-related-secrets:

  • I can't stand the consistency of bananas. All that pulpiness that just keep on growing in my mouth and makes me gag... Therefore I hardly ever eat it just plain. I do love the bananaflavour itself and it goes well in smoothies and fruitsallads etc.
  • If I perhaps do have a banana as a quick breakfast or lunch (happens about once or twice/year) I MUST have it with a big cuppa. And I MUST chew it all together into a mash in my mouth and swallow it with lots of tea. It's not a pleasing thing to witness so I tend to do it when I'm all alone and just need some quick way to fill the tummy.
  • It's the same with kiwi, can't stand the consistency but the flavour is lovely in smoothies etc.
  • I hate that awful green thing in the middle of tomatoes.
  • I hate that little snuff inside strawberries - therefore I prefer to clean them myself before eating so I can't have them just the way I want. Besides I really prefer raspberries and wild strawberries anyway, that are naturally free from those snuffy-things.
  • I think that little white, slimy thing inside a raw egg is horrible. I even got an ugly word for it that I won't share... And when I got the chance I always remove it before I cook or bake.
  • I can't stand eating the yolk in boiled or fried eggs - it's consistency and the fact that it could have been a chicken...
  • Pickled herring is something of a national dish in Sweden, often eaten with sourcream, new potatoes and chives. Just beastly, brrr.
  • Caviar, awful, it's tiny little raw eggs for goodness' sake! Kalle's kaviar is something so typically Swedish that I think it can be found in almost every IKEA all over the world, something Swedes abroad get all teary eyes over when they talk about home. I'm not. I'm just so grateful it's - still - a voluntary thing to eat.
  • Even if I'm vegetarian I sometimes cheat and eat fish, not very often nowadays, but still... What I can't stand then is fishbones. If I detect the tiniest little bone I can't continue eating. The punishment for stepping off the vegetarian path I guess... More fishy things -
  • I've tried but I just can't endure sushi, raw fish just isn't my thing and even the vegetarian sushi smells and tastes like a badly cleaned aquarium. No thanks.
  • Mussles and oysters, do I really have to describe my feelings about eating that...?
  • I eat and enjoy most every vegetable and fruit, but I just can't stand olives, rocket, fennel, celery, sundried tomatoes and capers. However olives and rocket might only be quite repulsive when eaten in Sweden, I've sort of enjoyed them when eaten fresh from the garden in a warmer climate.
  • I'm obsessed with getting rid of every little tiny bit of white, thready thing when peeling an orange - therefore I seldom eat them straight up, I prefer them as juice.
  • I'm a true tea-lover, but there are two flavours I completely dislike *to put it gently*; lapsang souchong and black currant - the later has a certain distinct aroma of catpee.
  • Don't like really dark chocolate, don't, don't, don't. I want smooth, lovely milkchocolate that makes me want to hum, sing a little song of pure joy when the chocolate melts on my tongue.

That's it! Food-related confession-time is over. How about your secrets?


heidikins said...

I love that there are so many things you only don't like part of; the consistency, the thingy in the middle, the egg slime... very funny.

I am the same way about oranges! It seriously takes me 30 minutes to peel an orange! My friends always make fun of me, but the white stringy things are gross!

Pia K said...

It's kind of comforting to know that there really are others who share the same opinion about those "insignificant" things in life - and yes there ARE smaller things that aren't very appealing just gross...:)

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