Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Stockholm greenbelts - Ängsjö

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In and around the vicinity of Stockholm, there are several greenbelts which are enjoyable to visit for some outdoor-activities like swimming, canoeing, walking, running, skiing, skating...

The green oasis in the middle of the city, Djurgården, which I wrote about here, is probably the most wellknown greenbelt in the Stockholm area, and also probably the most easily accessable one.
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Ängsjö (translates sort of Meadow lake) is an outdoor-area situated about 30 kilometres northwest of Stockholm. It offers a vast recreation area as well as conference facilities. You can also rent small cottages. But one really has to ahve a car to get there.

It's actually situated not really far from where I live, but still, I haven't had the chance to explore it until pretty recently.
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It's a very unspoilt as well as unpretentious greenbelt. Great for taking the dog for a walk on secluded forrest-paths.Yes, most enjoyable for dogs it seems - even more so when you're able to take a refreshing mudbath along the way... He got bathed just before we left home - lot of good that did...
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As I wrote before I myself am not the water/boat/swimming kind of person, but if you're so inclined there are canoes to be rented at Ängsjö.
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And after having had a brisk walk - if you're not the (mud)bathing-boating type - you can enjoy a simple cup of coffee - no lattes to be seen! I'm still not certain of that's a good or a bad thing...- with a sandwich, cake, icecream, sweets at the small café.

While you're having your coffee you can contemplate on life and enjoying the splendid green, green grass of a view!
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I really ought to get out there more... Even if one definately could do without mudbathing dogs...

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