Monday, May 28, 2007

Beautyproducts update

Time has come for an update on the what-do-I-use-pre-in-post-shower-front I think. And why not first look to your left, where you find a pic of a couple of really lovely, fresh soaps from the Swedish textile company Himla that mainly works with linen fabrics - love those linen cloths!

The soaps I actually bought last summer I think, but I haven't had the time to use one until now. But they have laid very patiently waiting in a bowl in the kitchen and have reminded me of their existence by sending out tiny messages of lovely scent now and then.

* So first up is the pale green soap to the very left; Himla Feeling Green Tea - gorgeous scent (I adore green tea products!), gives a smoooth, clean feeling afterwards. Long lasting, and I really like the way the soap is cut in a very basic, handmade style.

* Revitalising shampoo, Molton Brown - it's a tiny, old bottle, I'm no sure that particular product exists anymore. And just as good is that, since I think it's a really ordinary, too-much-of-a-after-shave-scent-shampoo.

* Sure Crystal Pure Silver Julien Macdonald limited edition antiperspirant deodorant - phew, was that a long name or what? Lovely scent, not sure about the longlasting effect though. But I bought it mainly because of the bottle...

* Pink Happiness, Revlon - bodylotion with aloe vera and chamomile, love the scent and its creamy texture! And yes it reminds me so much of South Africa, haven't seen the bottle here so I suppose it's a country-specific product/scent.

* Moisture Rich Foot Lotion with aloe vera, Ms Pedicure the foot Diva! - small bottle, picked it up in Florida years ago, it must be really longlasting though, since it seems quite impossible to finish the bottle. Great scent, feet like!

* Taft hairmousse volume, Schwarzkopf - basically it's a crappy hairmousse that leaves your (my) hair all droopy and lifeless. Some days it does shows it capacity to boost volume though, even if those days are rare. Not much left of the bottle now, will never buy again since I want everyday to be a good hairday!

* Black orchid lipgloss, Laura Mercier - don't you just love those lipsticks and glosses that has an appealing scent to them? This one does, so every time you put some gloss on you're also sort of revitalised by that certain scent of something irresistable sweet and yummy... Also love the colour and the modest gloss-effect. What I don't like is that it's actually rather drying and needs a lot of reapplying.

If your a member of the Club of Interest and is are more than keen to read the initial beautyproduct list of mine, you can begin here and then work your way back from that.

Any tips on products that ought to be tested or questions, I'm all eyes and fingers on the keypad!

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