Sunday, May 20, 2007

No Fun Light at all

I'm not a fan at all of these Swedish sugar-free fruit syrups called Fun Light. I have friends who swear by them and M happily gulps it down -
myself I'm a tap water or fruitjuice kind of gal. I think these artifical flavours are pretty revolting and horrific.
But hey, I'm all up for trying most things at least once - so when some new flavours appeared on the market I thought I'd give it a consumer research, just for Fun.
Peach passion - well, the flavour is sort of ok, quite nice. But I'm not really sure if it reminds me a lot of my favourite peach bodysplash from Bath & Body Works and the lack of opportunity to get a hold of that -
since they for some annoying reason don't ship abroad and for some other even more annoying reason don't open up stores in Europe... And why did they close down the shops in England and Scotland?? I could easily have tide them over if it was a shortage of customers that was the reason for closing down. But they didn't ask... -
is the reason for me appreciate glugging the liquid down.
Darling Rhubarb - lovely name, horrible, awful, disgusting, repulsive artifical flavour - smells like industrial window-cleaner, tastes - which I only imagine it does of course... - like industrial window-cleaner. I seriously doubt they've made any trial tastings. "What the heck, fun, light, rhubarb, pink, darling and a silver cork, of course this will sell!"
Crystal Cranberry Lime - this is apparently something one is in desperate need of, some flavours to enliven pure tap water, the TV-comercials for this particular light of Fun are shown on TV a l l t h e t i m e. And it tastes sooo goood!
Completely bogus marketing, since tap water in general in Sweden tastes rather lovely, and if one - for some odd reason - would like to have flavoured water one could just as easily buy bottled water with a decent kind of flavour. And not this completely foul tasting thing.
Amazing Grape - actually, this was kind of drinkable with an appealing abrasive edge to it. Me like!
But well, as you might have guessed, I'm not the least bit Fun Light-converted. Not at all.


Anne said...

Amazing Grape is *definitely* my favorite of the bunch. I finished my bottle of rhubarb, with difficulty. I had lots of helpers though that apparently loved it, hmm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pia!
Lovely blog!
Last summer i had the time of my life in Stockholm and, being a kind of healthy-way-of-life addict, i was desperately looking for any ogranic or at least sugar-free sweets.
Either i failed to find this stuff or it`s not that popular in Sweden.
Still, what i did find was rows of FUN LIGHT in supermarkets.
Naturally, it was "secret words" SUGAR FREE that immediately caught my eye. On buying a bottle i took a good (the best in my life!) gulp of the liquid (lemonade, as i saw it). Actually, i was very thirsty thus about to bolt it down on the spot.
So, you can imagine how disgusting it turned out to be!
Never shall i forget these syrups!
As well as this amazingly gorgeous city!

From Moscow with love.

Pia K said...

Anne, your little helpers are more than welcome to help themselves to my bottle of rhubarb window cleaner...:)

Thank you, tanya!

Oh yes, it's quite popular indeed with healthy food in Sweden, but I guess it's a question of looking in the right places - poor you, being so thirsty and all you found was that disgusting syrup...:( I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in other ways though:)

Anonymous said...

Taking a big gulp from fun light sounds like it would be very disgusting. It's super concentrated. You're supposed to dilute it something like 1000% (one part fun light, ten parts water...).

Pia K said...

Since I wrote this I'm even more adamant not to put any of this artificial stuff in my beverages, Anonymous, I'll stick to water. That way I get 100% fun instead:)

Anonymous said...

I was commenting on Tanya who "bolted it down on the spot" (i.e. outside the shop, without any water at all!) thinking it was läsk...

(but I agree, the stuff is disgusting)

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