Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Goody Two Shoes

Plans are made to be changed, today's first choice planned destination for the Toy car outing turned out to be not the best of destinations... But still we did a bit of sun, a bit of rain, a bit of cloudiness, a lot of wind and the opportunity to just live in the now.

And a great pizza - me not being much of a pizza eater... - plus a rather decent sticky chocolate cake for dessert. Thus supplying all the requirements of the diet circle.
070717 006
070717 003
Not to mention the fact I stumbled over two pair of shoes that was on 50% sale on the sale price - goody-two-shoes indeed! I'm not exactly sure that one of the pairs doesn't fall in the category butter-box/granny shoes - M assured me they don't, but well, let's just say that his opinion on the matter isn't always, very less than always even, to be relied on...

Super comfy Hush Puppies anyway, they feel like I could walk miles and miles in them without getting blisters, so perhaps I can get away with it...
070717 009
Now it's high time for hair pack, pedicure, manicure, facial masque, all while solving a Midsomer Murder - ah those simple every day-luxuries!

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