Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sweet soul food

You know those things that aren't necessarily good for you, from a physical health aspect kind of view, but that taste so good that they most definitely are good for the more psychic inner you? The true you, the spiritual you, which requires mood lifting eatable things now and then? *Hey, every excuse is good except for the very bad ones...*

So, every time I eat something that's not downright healthy ie sugar instead of nutrition in the form of vegetables and fibres, I always consider it to be health for the soul. Sometimes it's something home baked, possibly cooked, sometimes it's store bought.
070623 009
Here are two sweet health things for the soul - one newly discovered store bought chocolate. With an oddball name, Kattetunger = Danish for Cat-tongues. It most certainly can't have anything to do with the shape of the chocolates *and I do consider myself quite the expert of cat-tongues...* -

I'm guessing it's a way to describe how smooth and delicious the taste of the chocolate is. Which actually is sort of a contradiction in terms since cat-tongues are far from smooth, more very abrasive. A better name for it should be Dog-tongues in that case. Somehow it doesn't sound equally sweet...

The shape of the chocolates though, can best be described as tiny cat-paws, or perhaps small two pieced spoons. And the taste was really very nice, smooth, melt-on-your-tongue milk chocolate. Chocolaty soul food. The brand is Danish Tom's, the company has been around since 1924 and produces high quality sweets in general.

Denmark is well-known for marzipan - and I do think it's there you find the very best there is to be found, anywhere - and Tom's also make the lovely indeed marzipan sweets that goes by the name Anthon Berg *strawberries in champagne, mmm*
070618 002
The other spiritually healthy thing is something one of my old aunts used to make, therefore they got her name, Auntie Greta's cookies. They're actually sour cream cookies, but they're just vanilla tasting addictive-can't-stop-eating them cookies to me. But we haven't been able to really, truly recreate just the right texture in them I think.

It might have something to do with the quality of the ingredients not being the same as when she made them. Or perhaps it's only wishful thinking and childhood memories playing a trick, maybe they weren't that teeny weeny extra bit better... But hey, they are still good. Extremely, very, addictively good even.

And I'm sure they do extremely, very, extra good on the inside too.

Do you have any childhood memories concerning sweets or desserts that was just so perfect back then? Have you been able to recreate them just right? Do they still taste just as good as you remember them?


Unknown said...

Chocolate... yum. My family's favorite sweet is actually not really very sweet - and the in-laws always look at my brothers and sisters like we are crazy... but even so: our favorite after-dinner treat is bread or a roll with strawberry jam and cheddar cheese... feel free to mock me, but it's amazing! :)

Pia K said...

As it happened I had a discussion with my mum today about cheese and jam on bread - she would probably love that combo of yours:)

Myself I only like cheese and jam together when it's on toast. And cheddar, njae, not very fond of it. At least not too often.

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