Saturday, July 28, 2007

Road trip - Alsta Gardens

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About 60 kilometres west, slightly north of Stockholm you'll find Alsta Trädgårdar/gardens - a little, or not so little really, oasis in the middle of nowhere. A personal garden created, in an old nursery, by a landscape gardener.

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The Alsta gardens give you a relaxing and inspirational experience for all senses. You can buy plants - at nice prices, although I'm not all that impressed by the overall quality of the plants... - and creations from different craftsmen. Like furniture, silver, paintings, fabrics, jewellery, pottery, books and stationary etc.

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There are also arts and crafts exhibitions held in the greenhouse. And if you want to not only feast your eyes on ceramic food, you can get something light to eat in the delightful café. If the weather permits you can enjoy your coffee outdoors. And if not, relax indoors either in the café or in the grapehouse.

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The sandwiches are so very nice, made to order. The cheesecake (vanilla/lemon) doesn't look much, but oh my was it tasty, definitely on my top five list of the best cheesecakes I've ever tasted *yup sort of have a list of that too...*
If you're looking for help in planning and designing your own garden, that service is apparently also on offer at Alsta.
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stromsjo said...

Alsta is not in the middle of nowhere, Pia. Got a cottage not far away where I spent lots of time growing way up back in … that other century. Alsta is also the name of a lake where I once learnt to swim. Ah, memories.

Good report from the garden, I should go there more often.

I was slightly worried that there wasn’t such a thing as a top-ten-cheesecake list so it was a relief to find out that indeed there is! :)

Pia K said...

Oh, I do maintain the notion that Alsta is indeed in the middle of nowhere, sort of, but that doesn't mean the middle of nowhere isn't the perfect place to be from time to time...:)

Of course, of course there's such a thing as the top list for cheesecakes!

stromsjo said...

Oh well, I suppose we should be able to settle this over some cheesecake! :)

Pia K said...

That might possible be the case:)

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