Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Amsterdamian Encounters

071028 019
Having breakfast at a really sweet slightly offside situated café in Amsterdam - with a freshly squeezed orange juice that was simply amazing! The name of the café is "de sneeker pan", at Kerkstraat 46-48 -, I saw this lovely Weimaraner outside the window. Just look at that adorable face! Non visible in the picture was his Siberian Husky type of friend who wasn't equally keen on trying to get a morning snack.
071028 022
Apart from these two we didn't see very many of them in Amsterdam. Though obviously they were around since there was a whole lot of dog poo to be found, and stepped in, on the pavements. Everywhere. Disgusting. Uncivilized. Oh how these dog owners who completely lack common sense and manners makes me mad, use a dog poo bag for X's sake!! I like the polite, although far too timid, sidewalk request though...
071028 201
I met a little pigeon, who at first was quite reluctantly interested - I suppose she/he thought I had a mean hidden human agenda - but then warmed to me when I shared a cookie with her/him.
071028 163
071028 078
I bet these fellows didn't share any cookies with the pigeons - and look who's all petrified, in chains and well, frankly having a Sisyphus job as a ginormous pigeon toilet. Goes to show, you should share with those lesser fortunate...

I wasn't the only one who had a bit of a fling with the pigeons of Amsterdam. What is it with these grey and worn, sad looking men and women on a bench feeding the birds that makes, at least, me want to take them home with me, wash them, feed them and hear them tell their life's story... I hope they're much appreciated by the birds and that maybe, hopefully, the first impression of a sad, lonely bird-feeder is completely wrong...
071028 153
My newfound pigeon friend had obviously spread the rumour that there was a new woman, of foreign origin, in town who shared a cookie or two - which wasn't completely true. Something these rather upset family of swans learnt the hard way - after having eagerly begged for some treats in vain, they refused to pose for the camera, sniffed and turned their back floating down the canal.
071028 157
At least they didn't make any fierce and sudden attempt to steal the handbag, like this pack of dangerously looking lizards that was roaming a park in the city centre. I mean really, keep them on a leash or teach them some manners! Just look at poor Elvira fighting for her life and freedom. I managed to bravely - if I may say so - save her from the jaws of that sinister looking creature. I bet that hearty breakfast played an important role there. I actually think I even scared him quite a bit, doesn't he seem a bit stiffen?
071028 216
But in the end, one of his *friends*, claiming to be a completely innocent and very apologetic viewer of the whole ordeal offered some refreshments. So I guess you shouldn't completely judge a lizard by the company it keeps...
071028 281

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