Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Winter Coat

With new mittens comes the need for a new winter coat... Or well, really the need for a coat definitely preceded the making of the mittens. Since there is sense and sensibility, not complete shallowness dwelling inside of me. I mean, who have ever heard of such a silly thing like buying a coat for the mittens...? However if the coat demands matching mittens, its wish is my command. Of course.

My winter outerwear department is far from extensive. I've been depending on, fraying comfortable oldies and it was about time to look for something new, something warming, comfortable as well as pleasing to the eye. Well made in good materials with intricate details. And so I found the perfect swayed coat at NoaNoa *surprise*, and at a bargain price, for that kind of work, since I stumbled over it at the outlet village. Happiness in a coat.

At first I wasn't exactly sure about it because of its colour though, I mean it feels kind of completely impractical with a pale green winter coat in our Swedish winter climate. M assured me it was perfectly fine, and somehow I was pretty easily convinced. And what the heck, why not take a chance, live dangerously and oppose that typically Swedish mentality of practicality in every garment? Yes, only the sheer excitement of being so impudently rebellious makes the coat worth every penny!

Now, time to get down examining all the lovely details, outside in. The outer parts are a mix of wool and cotton with a hint of gabardine pattern. It has a lovely flowery embroidery around the waist and on a large part of the back, which is followed by an intricate lace around the waist - despite it giving the coat a distinct look it's the part I'm a bit less over the moon about...

The padded lining is made of two different, lovely flowery fabrics which makes it rather a pity that you can't wear it inside out, showing its inner beauty, now and then too. Since I do believe even a winter coat is more than only a pretty, shallow surface. It has coatly feelings and deserves respect for all its hard work during harsh Nordic winters. Think about that, the next time you take it's services for granted. I certainly will.

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