Monday, November 19, 2007

This Is Not A Food Blog, But...

This is not a food blog, well at least not a food blog with lots of more or less inventive and exciting recipes, but I do like to experiment with veggies and since I got the ultimate vegetarian cookbook, which I'm kind of trying out almost every recipe from - although very much changing, adding, experimenting along the way - I certainly spend a whole lot more time in the kitchen department than I used to. Even though, admittedly, the best thing with cooking is probably not eating it, but to try and take a mouthwatering picture of it...

The things I did find a bit odd to add in a recipe can make wonders and give me incentives to dare venture myself where I haven't spiced before. I'm thrilled to say that a definite majority of the recipes in this darling cookbook are absolutely wonderful in flavour, the spices work so very well together, and you get to discover new - at least for us non-food-bloggers - lovely veggies. And herbs. And spices. And combinations. And savours.

Lately I haven't felt very inclined to make desserts - believe it or not, I'm probably coming down with something... - so this will simply be a photo cavalcade of main courses or sidedishes. That'll perhaps give you some vegetarian cooking inspiration for bleak autumn dinners.

071022 001
Fried potatoes & mushrooms with herb tomatoes - simple!
071107 027
Clear asparagus soup - yes it is nice to use fresh asparagus in food, it's a delicious veggie, but personally I'm no fan of clear soups. I like my soups creamy. So the next time I make my own asparagus soup it'll be a whole other kind.
071112 006
Grilled root veggies - this really is the perfect autumnal dinner! Well, any dinner with carrots is perfect of course, all year round. Seasoned with garlic and basil, delicious.
071115 008
Spinach/ricotta tortelloni with tomatoes, basil & sunflowerseeds - simple, but well, not really my kind of neither pasta nor sauce. Although I should remember to use sunflowerseeds much more in cooking, not just in smoothies, cereals or dessert.
071116 035
071116 039
Fried rice Asian style with grilled halloumi - leftover rice, paprika, leek, red onion, garlic and herbs, ta-da, delicious and would go well as a maindish all on its own even though IMHO almost any dish goes very well with a bit of grilled halloumi...
071118 025
Potatoes & black bean salad with peanutdressing - this was absolutely amazing, the flavour of the dressing, so simple to mix in a food processor, really added something extra. Another new favourite!

And as usual, if you'd like a recipe you only have to ask. Nicely.


Poppy Q said...

Yummy, my mum says that all looks very tasty. It is asparagus season here so mum has been eating lots and lots.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Poppy and mummy:)

Asparagus season, oh that sounds delicious!

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