Monday, November 12, 2007


Here in The World According to Pia we - a k a I - don't shy away from extremes in topics, one day something seriously heartfelt, the other something not nearly as grave and profound. And now and then just the odd, or not so odd, picture when we - still a k a I - have run out of words. Which actually happens now and then, the supply needs replenishing. And the we - I! - lean against the fact that a picture says more than a thousand words. Which surely is debatable, a truth with modification indeed.

But what isn't really debatable, as far as we (I) are concerned, is the plain fact that a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a dash of so and pinch of it makes for a vital and perhaps now and then unpredictable blog to visit. So I, I mean WE, will continue on this path of main-lines as well as sidings. Which can be called ramblings, musings or reveries we, I, suppose. Pondering.

So, having said that I'll now muse a bit about the very interesting fact that I have, actually, never, until yesterday... discolourized anything when doing the laundry. I have now. And the irony of it all is the fact that just before I filled the washing machine I saw this silly TV-commercial about some new slip you put in the washing machine with your laundry to prevent discolouration. Since the magic slip supposedly absorbs any superfluous color... So from now on it's hello-red-hello-white-let's-take-a-spin-in-the-washing-machine-together. Isn't it just amazing what the human mind and research can come up with?

I didn't see the omen there, instead I made the horrific mistake of filling the washing machine with some favourite garments and an orange scarf from last summer who's now had its pre-hibernation wash. And decided to share *a bit* of that lovely colour with the bath buddies...

So my favourite mustard yellow shirt with pretty white trimmings is now mandarin coloured with peach trimmings. The pretty raspberry pink cardigan is now very red - which wouldn't be too bad if I hadn't adored that raspberry nuance of the pre-washed cardigan... - and a mauve vest is now lilac with blue - imagine! - trimmings.

The only thing that didn't absorb any orange colour was a red/pink skirt with white (!) stripes. Odd indeed. One of life's great mysteries.

I have, and I suppose I will, shed a tear now and then over the loss of these favourite garments, of course they're still usable, but they lack that certain *oomf* that made me fall for them in the first place. And the worst thing is that I'm totally responsible for that loss of *oomf*, I snootily snickered at and disregarded the omen of the magic slip commercial. I feel just awful. This must be regarded as one of my life's all-time lows.

And once again I take to the comfort of self-therapy blogging.

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