Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mitten Time

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Let me introduce you to my latest needlework. Cosy, colourful, wool mittens with a twist. Some made on order, others just for fun. Perfect for this time of year, and darn cute if I may say so myself. And I may.

These kind of mittens I've been making on and off for as long as I can remember, at least since high school. Great gifts, much appreciated and so fun to make! Even though I've been knitting and crocheting for ages, and loving it, I'm not very patient when it comes to intricate patterns and timeconsuming projects.

Oh, it's very rewarding having finished such a project, having made a gorgeous, detailed work of knitted art, but the ones I've actually had the patience to follow through can probably be counted on the one hand fingers.

So I prefer to work with colours, materials and now and then unexpected details. Like I descend from a family of green fingers, it also embodies many different craftsmen, most of them seem to have had so much more patience than me... On the other hand I do find the odd piece of inherited art here and there which I believe could do with *a bit* more work on the details and finish, plainly, to me it's botchery. Though made with more than a dash of inhibited ingeniousness.

These works are most certainly made by my maternal grandmother, a lady who was well before her time, artsy, craftsy, spunky, unrestrained, curious, audacious, outspoken - more than borderline embarrassing on a regular basis I might add... - and simply great fun to be with.

She sadly passed away when I was in highschool, so I never had the chance to assort with her as a grown-up. Miss that. I'm sure she would have proven an even more valuable mentor for me now than for me as a child, teenager. The receptiveness of certain things in life back then was probably *slightly* less than it is today. But despite that, she did teach me and guided me into the world of arts and crafts, mainly knitting and crocheting. And without her I, and many with me, would probably freeze their mittenless hands all sad and blue.

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