Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sirocco, Penguins & Good Hope

Sydafrika 2007 478
Previous post on South Africa can be found here

The drive from Stellenbosch to Cape Town takes about one hour if you don't make any detours or stops along the way. But of course you can't just drive straight there if you're on holiday! There are just so many detours to take, so many must-sees, must-dos in that area. For example, if you like a bit of tan - responsibly obtained of course - perhaps a slight case of sunbathing at Sunrise Beach?

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Enjoying the atmosphere, with many interesting antique and craftsman shops, in the absolutely charming town/fishing village of Kalk Bay and having lunch at one of many tempting cafés and restaurants there. Like the wonderful open air restaurant Sirocco with a delightful, fresh menu including a dessert that's definitely one of the top five on my cheesecake-list. One of my best overall restaurant experience while in SA, if not THE best actually. Simply lovely with great music playing in the background. This is how life should be. Bliss.

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If you find gemstones to be completely fascinating and alluring must-haves, by all means do not miss Mineralworld and Scratchpatch in Simonstown. The prices are just peanuts compared to what you have to pay for these kind of stones in Sweden...
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Sydafrika 2007 493

Another definite must is of course a visit to the penguin colony at Boulder's Beach. Amazing experience, just inches away from all these guys. It was just such a treat in many ways.

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Sydafrika 2007 499
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And no, I just can't get over the fact that there are actually baboons roaming around freely, a wildlife so completely different to ours up here in the very north. Fascinating indeed.
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And well, as I've said before Cape of Good Hope isn't the southernmost place of the African continent, but I suppose - despite the *slightly* over touristy and very crowded feel of it... - it is a must too. It is a World Heritage Site, it is a vast national park and yes it also offers a plethora of amazing natural sceneries. So, now I can say I've been there, to the most south-western point of Africa too and yes, the faithful travel companion Elvira even got her picture taken when there was a brief second of noone else posing.
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By next post we will have landed safely in Cape Town, despite the scary roads a k a scenic route we took to get there, *somewhat* similar to the Swartberg Pass experience...


Jesus' Gal said...

Very very lonely penguins indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pia K said...

Thanks for stopping by, koala gal. And I assure you, they weren't lonely at all, those penguins, they had both lots of penguin friends and adoring humans around them:)

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