Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Eagle

I don't watch much TV, well all things are relative, like when there are a whole lot of high quality English suspense series on..., and oh yes, good movies. And interesting documentaries. But other than that I've more or less drastically stopped following all sorts of TV series. I've never been an indolent watcher, but I have watched my fair share of series through the years. Some simply amazing, and they have left a tangible feeling of sadness when they're over, others have been rather a waste of time, in hindsight. So I've decided to stop waste that kind of time, and save it for some things better.

I can't see myself completely in lack of TV though, since besides all the obvious waste-of-time- crap-TV-shows, there are many interesting, moving, mind evolving things to be found there too. Like things Danish. As is probably rather obvious by now, I do think many nice things - one blatant exception being the, well, non-pleasing-to-the-ear-language... - stems from Denmark, some of those things are a decent amount of really good movies as well as TV series. The last episode of the third season of one the best series I've ever watched has just been shown here - Örnen (The Eagle). I'm not sure if it's the last episode ever - that would be such a shame!

Because it's truly a magical series, with a hint of the preternatural. Every single little detail is thought through, from plots to characters to music to... Suspense, intensity, sceneries, photo, credibility, actors... As far from anything in the American action genre you can come, since it actually makes every little bit of human kind's nastiness horrifyingly plausible and tangible, and leaves you on pins and needles through every episode.

The main character, the eagle himself, is brilliantly played by Jens Albinus. His "only" obvious flaw being his continuously wrong, and totally incomprehensible, choices when it comes to love and relationships.

This is how TV series should be, intelligent as well as entertaining, real, credible, captivating, beautifully made and giving heaps of food for thoughts.

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