Monday, November 05, 2007

Beautyproduct Update

kamelia 009

...and now to something else, beautyproducts update - since last I'm more or less enjoying these bottles at the moment;

* Facial scrub - Ole Henriksen walnut complexion scrub, gorgeous scent (doesn't taste all that good, believe me...) and quite nice. Nothing spectacular, but well, nice.

* Face mist - Ole Henriksen balancing cucumber mist, like the scrub, nothing spectacular but rather nice...

* Mascara - Maybelline define-a-lash, let's just say that the neverending search for a really good mascara continues. This was just crap! However I did get a sample of FACE Stockholm mascara and the few times I've tried it it has been quite promising, perhaps a slight case of *eureka!*...

* Shampoo - L'Oréal gloss color copper gold highlighting shampoo. I was recommended this one, however it doesn't appeal to me at all, will probably finish off the bottle (about once every second week), but I think it's somewhat nasty both in scent, the procedure while using it and the result... I don't much like the brand L'Oréal, neither their utterly stupid commercials, their products and most of all their, at least once, very outdated views on animal-testing. So why did I buy this...

* Hair styling - Kiehl's creme with silk groom, a sample bottle and a very lasting one. Ok for travelling and touch ups I suppose. But I don't like the texture it gives the hair, and it most certainly calls for a hairwash every single day if you use it, greasy... Not my cup of styling product for sure.

* Body scrub - md formulations face & body scrub, really lovely scent, ok for the face but anything but lasting if you want to have a body scrub at least once a week...

* Shower gel - Philosophy Melon Daiquiri shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath, lovely scented, very basic shower gel, no matter how award winning it might be... I prefer The Sanctuary body wash then, amazing, warm, spicy scent as usual, creamy, lovely.

* Body lotion - The Sanctuary, just as the body wash, and most other Sanctuary products, a warm, spicy, lovely scent, a decent body lotion even if I don't think it's the thing for really dry skin wintertime.

* Body mist - The Body Shop peach, heavenly scent. That lasts about 10 seconds. So once again, Bath & Body Works please, please, PLEASE, hear my prayers and open up a branch in Stockholm!!!

* Handwash - The Body Shop peach, this has both a heavenly scent AND is a good cleanser. Like! Palmolive Fruit Essentials sweet peach - ok, yes I admit, almost as mush as I adore the green tea scent I enjoy peach... - also a lovely handwash.

* Perfume - My skin has never ever liked Clinique's products, except for the perfume Happy, and just as its name states, this tantalizing, lovely, sweet, fresh scent makes me oh so happy! Old favourite once again in my handbag.

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