Friday, November 30, 2007

The Giant Princess Cake

Indeed, this day has turned out to be exactly that kind of day when one should have stayed in bed, or possibly curled up in the sofa, not even contemplating taking a step into the outside world. Ah well, home again, safe and semi-sound, at least I can see the humour in it all, even if it's so unbelievably clumsy, unnecessary and an inkling pitiful...

When I finally was on my way to the hairdresser's I thought that it was kind of a fine day despite the unbelievably gloomy, foggy weather. Music in my ears, being in a good mood, looking forward to a bit of pampering and a nice lunch on the town afterwards. Getting off the c-train at Karlberg station, tripping along in my Wicked Witch of the East-boots, kind of humming one of my favourite songs, wearing The Winter Coat - the very pale green, delicate, living-dangerously-in-the-Scandinavian-climate-coat... - when I suddenly felt oh no, now I'm actually tripping very factually, in slow motion, with my bags and kind of making a poor imitation of a breakdancer swirling on the dirty ground, ending up jiggering like a giant Princess cake.

I'll spare you the more gorie and embarrassing details - like this wasn't enough you might think, but really, I obviously had to have that icing on the cake to finish the whole spectacle off... And the music didn't stop playing - that song, one of my favourites, will now forever be tainted by this silly incident.

I quickly, perkily got on my way, the hairdresser TG(IF) being only a few blocks away, where I discovered the poor beautiful coat had been severely stained, my stockings were of course ruined, a bit of grazing and bruising here and there, something happened to my left middle finger. And oh yes, my poor ankle that I've sort of disregarded for quite some time now was once again badly strained. I suppose it's drycleaning and a doctor's appointment on the agenda for next week.

I'm not generally clumsy, honestly, but nevertheless I manage to make these completely unexpected hustle and bustle tripping over in very public with a certain charming regular irregularity. Sometimes when I'm on my own, others when I'm with friends. Friends who still like to reminiscence those stupid occasions - and yet, I still call them friends. And well, apart from the sometimes ruined clothes and the pain, I find it more than slightly amusing myself. Not everyone get the chance to make a breakdancing Princess cake imitation in public. With icing on the cake.

Incidentally, how does one tag this post, how about "Stockholm" since it happened here, "sweets" and "food" because it involves a Princess cake, inedible but still. "Sweden"; the Princess cake is very much a Swedish cake. "Illness"; my poor ankle and a bit of grazing - and yes there was blood involved too! - "Humour"; the only way too look at it. "Haircare"; on my way to the hairdresser's. "Entertainment; for some. "Shoes", "clothes", "NoaNoa", "iPod", "music" all played - no pun intended - important parts in this tripping story.

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