Sunday, November 18, 2007

WCB #128 - To Host A Teaparty

Actually these pictures show an exception to the *very* strict rule of no cats on the table, and most definitely no cats on the table while eating, and even more certainly no cats on the table while having guests. Really.

Today they were allowed, a selected few, to join, or rather junior-host, the teaparty. I had a friend over, who was absolutely delighted over the immense effort made by a few of the kittens to make her feel at home. They were adamant to show her all the culinary delights on offer, here's the butter, here's the cream, here's the eggs and look scones too. Feel free to join us!

Even though I'm far from keen on having the cats roaming around on the table, nibbling the food I find it rather liberating when I have people over who just couldn't care less. Who finds it endearing and tremendously entertaining. And well, it is kind of cute, at least when the cats are really small, and very curious and so eager to be welcoming and helpful. In every way possible.

071113 013
And after playing the role of a diligent, attentive and charming junior-host of a teaparty, you really need to have a nap.

This weekend you'll also find lots of kitty culinary delights over at the WCB-hosts Kashim & Othello.


Kitikata-san said...

Oh the kittens are all so cute! They are especially cute on the table!

Pia K said...

The junior-hosts say thank you, kitikata-san:)

John D. said...

Awww how CUTE they are!

Pia K said...

Thanks, John!

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