Saturday, December 29, 2007

Beside the road - Brahehus

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Three kilometres north of the small town of Gränna you'll find the old castle ruins of Brahehus. It's situated just beside the highway, unfortunately, with a breathtaking view over the landscape and the lake Vättern below.
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It was built in the mid 17th century by the Lord High Chancellor Per Brahe the Younger (who also founded the town of Gränna). Originally the place was intended to be a folly country retreat, but instead it was built as a dower house for his wife. Who passed away some years later so the castle was in the end used as a guest accommodation. The castle, along with the surrounding area, was ravaged by a fire in 1708. And it then fell into decay.
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If you happen to drive by I think it's an atmospheric place well worth a visit, preferably when there aren't a lot of people wandering around. Early summer mornings in good weather are absolutely stunning for example and yes the place is sort of eery and offers ample opportunities for using the camera.
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And if you like a decent, no-fuss but with a home-cooked twist meal, I very much recommend the Vida Vättern a few kilometres further north along the highway. Unpretentious and with a lovely view whether indoors wintertime or outdoors in the summer. Also with a motel that frankly reminds me a bit too much of Bates Hotel...
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More in Swedish about Brahehus you find here


Poppy Q said...

Oh it looks spooky. Hard to imagine people living there - boy they must have been cold in winter.

Happy new Year Pia - sending you health and happiness in 2008 (and a win in lotto would help with wealth for the next year too).

Poppy Q and mum

Pia K said...

I saw a drawing of how the place supposedly looked when inhabited, and it was really lovely and "homely" as far as a castle goes back then, hopefully they had lots of fireplaces indoors!

A very belated indeed happy new year to you too:)

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