Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Perhaps we should express gratitude for the things we have in our lifes more often, the things we experience, the things we maybe take for granted, the people and family around us that truly mean something to us, all the things, great and small, in life that we should be grateful for. Oh so grateful.

Somedays, sometimes I'm good at showing gratitude, others I'm just the average-taking-for-granted-bitching-kind-of-person. In hindsight I might even be ashamed of what I've said, and done. Granted, at certain occasions the bitching is absolutely understandable, the reasonable and right thing to do. At others it's perhaps a slight case of overreacting, though it might be the last straw and at those times there's just no way of stopping the things that come out of my mouth.

I like to think that if I can evolve as a person, getting to know myself, my pros and cons and trying to become a better, more complete person, at least trying to walk in someone else's shoes for a minute or two or more - then so can of course anyone else.

And no, please don't use the age excuse, or I-didn't-know. And for X's sake stop havering the too-much-work pretext. Not to mention *this-is-me-and-this-is-who-I-am-and-I'm-proud-of-it-although-I-know-it's-completely-reprehensible*

Just because you actually know you're behaving like an ass all the time, doesn't mean it's ok to be steamrolling on. And as a bonus information to whom it may concern; actually no, it doesn't matter that you're the doyen at work. You still have to act like a decent human being towards your colleagues, subordinates and show you deserve the respect you think you should enjoy only because of your seniority in years.

And now to some things we should feel gratitude for, if we happen to stumble over them -

Sydafrika feb 2007 399
Feeling weary and all flown out, there's gratitude to be felt of a boat to rest ones feet and wings on. And in company of friends too. And if you're not the weary, flown out kind of type, then perhaps gratitude for seeing such a peaceful sight is in order?

070126 005
Gratitude for living in the perfect city, even wonderful on a dark and freezing January evening. A gratitude however, that doesn't keep you from wishing to travel to new places, or returning to old favourites, experience and learn new things, meeting new people -

Dawn at Sanibel Island, Florida
- and feeling immense gratitude for experience amazing dawns at an ocean on the other side of the world. Longing, hoping to one day return, but still feeling gratitude for having had the experience at least once in a lifetime.


stromsjo said...

The concept of Thanksgiving somehow appears very un-Swedish. Why is that?

Pia K said...

Oh, perhaps it feels either somewhat religious, perhaps too American, perhaps too comercial - but *we* don't seem to have a problem with that in general... - or perhaps *we* are just too used to complaining all the time and maybe taking too much for granted. The possible reasons seem to be endless...

And frankly, I'm not too fond of all these days and holidays for this and that, what if we could try a bit harder to act decent, to think a trifle more about what and why we act a certain way every day instead...

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