Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cakes, Cookies & Elevators

Lately I've been trying out a bunch of new cakes and cookies - having kitten buyers over is always a good excuse to fill the freezer with coffee bread. If you need an excuse. And at the moment I really do, since frankly I'm *slightly* tired of cakes and cookies myself. They're fun to bake, and I love taking pictures, trying to make them look mouthwatering - but I don't like to eat them. I completely lack the cravings, perhaps the baking itself and the smell of fresh from the oven made cakes is enough. It's sort of therapeutic and soothing in itself, to potter about with food and baking...

Anyhow. Here's the sextet of cakes and cookies that have been created in my kitchen, most of them as usual from my favourite vegetarian cookbook -

071202 012
These crunchy peanut butter cookies turned out really well, and they don't even have to bake in the oven!
071207 018
Coconut, orange & chocolate cake - moist and with a perfect balance of the three ingredients that gave the cake its name.
071209 012
This gingerbread cake turned out to be too spicy and also too dry - I completely blame it on the recipe, and no it wasn't from my favourite cookbook...
071209 008
Exception to the rule of nearly everything being delicious in that fave cookbook of mine - oatmeal toffee biscuits that was just too crisp and without even the slightest hint of toffee consistency. Never again.
071215 003
Pear & ginger cake - you must love ginger to have a slice of this cake, the flavour is distinct. Probably serves well with some whipped cream.
071215 007
Cardamom & almond cuts that turned out really well. Easy peasy to make, bake, create.

And look at that weird and wonderful plate I found in my cupboard, with an old and wellknown Stockholm view of Katarinahissen (the Katarina elevator) at Slussen. This elevator was constructed in 1881, it was demolished in 1933 but a new one was erected in the same place two years later. The plate is from 1956, and I suppose that is how Slussen looked somewhere between 1881-1956. Much prettier then than now...

If you take the elevator up - or walk out on the bridge from the other side or take steep stairs up - you'll have a glorious view over a wide part of Stockholm. And if you feel like splurging, there's really amazing food to be had at restaurant Gondolen (The Gondola) situated on the upper floor of Katarinahissen. The bar is nice too, even if the cocktails served leave quite a bit to be desired...


stromsjo said...

If you really have trouble eating these delights I guess it would be possible to gather volunteers to assist you in the consumption phase... ;)

Anne said...

Oh, those first ones look wonderful!!

Pia K said...

Per, kanske skulle man leka Karl Bertil Jonsson och ge sig ut för att sprida lite julglädje i koja och slott, hm...:)

Thanks, Anne!

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