Sunday, December 23, 2007

WCB # 133 - The Best Christmas Gift


One by one most of the little furry darlings have moved out by now. To be honest it's both empty and quite peaceful. The cat litter consumption has dropped drastically. And the grown-old-older-oldest cats are just as indolent as they usually are, when there's no pitter patter of kitten paws to be heard. You get kind of used to having all these adorable mischievous tykes around, and now everything is suddenly oh so quiet. But I'm sure the little rascals are up to all sorts of tricks and treats in their new homes, I've even heard it through the internetlines.

The latest one to move out was Vilgot - perhaps you remember him at the tender age of six days? - who moved in with his older brother Siegfried. Siegfried - yes he was named after Siegfried Farnon in those lovely books by James Herriot/Alf Wight - is a two year old redtabby boy who goes by the name Sigge, and he also has one of my favourite surnames, Strawberry Hill. A cat with such a name can't be anything but an amazing one - thus he most certainly deserve the best Christmas gift anyone can get, love and friendship!

At first he was *a bit* reluctant to show the appropriate amount of joy over that wonderful gift - whilst the gift itself found the new surroundings very interesting and fun to explore indeed (look at the expression of dismay on Sigge's face in the background).


But it wasn't long before he began showing a bit of playful interest and a friendly paw. The latest report said he has revived those old frolics with his new found best friend Vilgot. They will have such a wonderful Christmas together - and hopefully a long and happy life to come!


The Christmas edition of Weekend Cat Blogging is hosted by Kate and Puddy - Merry WCB everyone!

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