Thursday, December 13, 2007

How to Distinguish an Authentic Lussecat

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Today is December 13th, the much loved Swedish traditional day of celebrating Lucia. I don't have much to add to what I wrote about Lucia last year - where you also will find some useful and interesting links about the background as to why Lucia is celebrated - I'll just wish you a happy Lucia day!

I hope you get your fair share of Lussekatter (that special saffron bun that goes by the charming name Lussecats) - I'm even bringing some with me to the vet's this evening. After all, they'll have their hands full with vaccinating the five wee ones and giving them a full inspection, so I think they deserve that treat.

071213 050

And remember, genuine Lussebuns/cats have had a more or less close encounter with real life cats - a bit of cat hair always add that extra chewiness and flavour to the buns... - that's how you distinguish the real deal from poor imitations. Fibres are goood for you!

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Poppy Q said...

Hi Pia,
them buns look nice. I am sure the vets would love them. The cats look cute in the banana basket.

Can you come and visit my blog today, I has a wee surprise for you my friend.

NinjaCat said...

Happy Lucia Day to you too!! We came over from Poppy Q's blog to see you. Have a wonderful day and keep warm. We do here in Canada!!

Nina & Brenda

from the Canadian prairies!!!

Its -32C here this morning!

Jan said...

Hi, Pia, We came over from Poppy Q's. We are glad to meet you. Those kittens are adorable and the Lussebuns/cats look delicious. Do you mind if we take a nibble? Jan hasn't fed us yet.

Jan's Funny Farm

Pia K said...

Oh my, thanks for that special treat, PoppyQ - I'm completely flattered and if the Lussecats would travel well that far I'd send you a bunch! :)

Welcome, ninjacat - -32C sounds awfully cold indeed, brr, feels like ages ago I encountered such cold winters. I suppose you have lots of wonderful snow too...? Hope you're enjoying it all! :)

Daisy said...

Your cats are gorgeous!

Pia K said...

Thanks, Jan and Daisy - welcome to as much nibbles as you want, I have a hard time keeping the furry ones off them Lussecats as it is. Of course with that name it's indeed catfood:)

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