Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Have A Break

Yesterday I gave you two shop tips, today it's time for a few coffeebreak-tips instead - which is of course an essential thing to have whether on a shopping spree or just after having a brisk walk.

Three places I've wrote about before, the other two are new for me too. One being a tiny bakery/café, not situated very central. But definitely worth the trip if you want really great bread at a very reasonable price - and has the vantage of being the perfectly situated place for a coffeebreak after a visit to the Woodland Cemetery.

071119 058
071119 060

Bageri Bakgården - Bakery Backyard, which makes a nice wordplay in Swedish... - has only about 4-8 seats indoors, and you have to be prepared to make room for new guests. Summertime there's lots of seats outdoors. The cheese ciabatta I had was absolutely delicious in it's simplicity, and a little bird whispered in my ear that the cakes were too. Not a lot of different breads and cakes to chose from, but they were happy to accommodate any reasonable wish for other sandwich spreads. Serve light lunches too. And since it's mainly a bakery you can always buy bread to take it home with you.

Bageri Bakgården (Enskede Bakgård), Sockenvägen 477, Enskede - across the road, awry from the Woodland Cemetery

In the middle of the city you find the classic café/bakery of Vetekatten, childhood memories with old aunties for me, not a very cosy place, a bit too noisy and crowded most of the times, but they serve really good bread and their afternoon tea, as I've wrote about a few times before, is very nice indeed. And if you can't have the world's best vanilla bun, the cardamom-vanilla one at Vetekatten is quite a decent substitute I think.

070918 001
Raspberry on Ivôiredome

Not to mention their heavenly Ivôiredome, white chocolate, raspberry pastry which is absolutely to die for. Not too sweet, with a lovely, melt-on-you-tongue-texture... One of my two best desserts last year...

Not too far from one of the shops I wrote about yesterday is Bagel Street Café. A decent bagel isn't easy to find alas in Stockholm, but I think the ones they served there were rather nice. Imported from England though. You definitely needn't leave the place hungry, that's for sure, and there's a lot of different toppings and fillings to chose from. Good coffee too. Only about 12 seats indoors.

071201 002

And now we return to one of my overall favourite cafés, for many reasons, laid back, great bread and sandwiches made in their own bakery, Vurma. All their three cafés can be quite crowded and by all means beware of the infamous pram-mafia. And even if you aren't really hungry I highly recommend a so called chocolate blupp of theirs. About a large thumb in size, 10 sek in price and amazing in taste.

071130 003
And if you only want a latte to go, you might want to pop by an Espresso House coffee bar. Yes I know, I was quite annoyed when they took over my favourite coffee bar chain of Coffee Cup earlier this year, since I thought the coffee at CC was way better than the one served at EH. But now and then, I have a latte at EH and now and then it's actually quite good. A proof as good as any of me not being a stubborn, grumpy, know-it-all reactionary who like things to always stay as they are. On the contrary quite open for trying new things out. Sometimes.
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