Monday, December 31, 2007

Wrap Up - Beauty Products

I have this irresistable urge of wrapping *everything* up and begin the new year - only a few shivering hours left! - with a (semi)clean plate. Which won't happen. Of course. But I can give it a go. And since I did it yesterday with the movies, time has now come to make the beauty products wrap up - and if I have the time, possible the three latest read books. I wish I could say it was a review of the whole Currently reading-list to the right here ---> but alas it isn't. I have to have something to write about next year too, right?


Soap - Rose soap, Lisen Organics. Some might remember the rose scrub from the same brand I raved about over a year ago. I didn't found it again, or really looked for that matter, this last summer. But I did get this beautiful, handmade soap. It is kind of oily in texture, which I suppose might be a good thing since it's anything but drying. But it was also something that made me a bit hesitant to start with, since the feeling of squeaky clean from the shower is quite lovely. But it is a fine soap, although I'm not too keen on the scent - and as all Lisen's products it's organic of course, and very appealing to the eye too.

The woman behind the brand is a Swedish herbalist and homeopath, she has worked many years at lovely Rosendal's Gardens at Djurgården. Her products isn't to be found everywhere, and what's in stock depends on the season, like with the rose products, but her list of retailers you find under "Återförsäljare" at her website, only in Swedish.

Shower gel - Snow Fairy, Lush. This is a seasonal product, and I never got my hands on it last season, alas. This year I'm happy to announce I did - and I love it, the bubblegum pink, the sugary sweet toffee scent, it sure makes the showering a giggling experience. And since I bought ½ L I'll giggle well into the new year. Remember, only for external use though.

Facial cleanser - Milky soap, Kanebo. A product I used years ago, it's nice, lovely scent, easy to use, leaves skin feeling clean but not overly dry.

Conditioner - Intense Moisture, Dove. The only reason for me having this bottle, and even contemplating buying a supermarket brand for the hair..., is that I got a 2 for 1 thing when on holiday in desperate need for a conditioner. It actually worked pretty fine when on holiday (the water, weather, shampoo did their part I guess), now it just leaves hair all brittle, flat and unruly. Won't continue using.

Then it's a good thing that I finally invested in a regular bottle of the Kiehl's nourishing olive fruit oil conditioner the other week. Since it proves to work just as well in the South African sun as in the bleak, cold days of wintry Sweden. My hair was a mess after dealing with the strains of Christmas, but a little dollop of this conditioner worked simple wonders with the *natural* haybale that had appeared on top of my head. It even gave me back some of my curls. New conditioner favourite!

Deodorant - pro-age, Dove. I got this from my mother, I'd never even contemplating buying anything pro-ageing myself, so I consider this being an insult to the delicate, young me that's just bursting of youthfulness and energy, not looking a day over...

Having said that, I think it has a wonderful scent, the deodorant/anti-perspirant effect being average. And yes, perhaps it actually makes my armpits looking slightly younger.

Hand soap - Savon de Marseille extra pur Pamplemousse, La Compagnie de Provence Marseille. I love the smell of grapefruit in products, it's fresh, sweet, crisp and clean. I'm not overly impressed by this soap though, the scent using it isn't as great as it was promising when just sniffing the bottle, and it's uneconomical plus makes the hands dry. So no, I won't buy a refill of this rather overpriced range.

Hand cream - Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, Kiehl's. Have only used it a couple of times, but so far, so good. Leaves hands feeling soft and clean, absorbs quickly, slight minus for the medical scent of the cream.

Concealer - Flawless Fix Pencil, Laura Mercier. This is an ingenious little pencil that with a little touch here and there makes you look slightly more perky. Which is useful most any day. The detail with the self sharpening cap is brilliant. I'm hooked!

Mascara - Virtuôse, Lancôme. Yes, my search for the ultimate mascara continues... This one promises "Divine Lasting Curves & Length". I don't know about that, but I'll give it a go. I actually haven't open the bottle just yet. But it somehow seems appropriate to perhaps do tonight...? Anyway, it'll be on top of my to-review-list for next year's first beauty product's list!

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