Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jump & Growl

One day I will perhaps look back at these pictures and wonder what I made a fuss about, but for now I'm sort of excited about the fact that I at least got the new camera to cooperate, a few hairy beings somewhat inclined to look into the camera, and hey presto, pictures were downloaded - although I also discovered some disturbing *details* that this camera lack the capacity to do. Growl. Positive thinking, stay focused on all the good things and endless possibilities, will try.

Here are some pretty furry faces, very bright and clever looking, as usual... -





Zazzy said...

Pia - are your kitties a particular breed? I love their expressive little faces and big eyes.

Also, congrats on the new camera. I still have lots of buttons and settings to figure out. I think I need a class.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Zazzy, yes they're British Shorthairs, the most adorable little teddybears. Both gutsy and laidback in a perfect mix:)

Oh yes, lots of buttons there is, slightly daunting. But one day it'll be a breeze. Hopefully...:)

Poppy Q said...

Hi there Pia,
thanks for the cake recipe sweetie. I am going to try it sometime in the new year.

My new camera made my cat look different than the old camera too. I have got used to it now though.

The hearts are cute, are they jewellary that you make? Are they brooches? Are you far too talented, being a super baker, having a blog, breeding kittens etc etc....

Have a lovely christmas if we don't get a chance to vist before then.

Poppy Q and mum

Pia K said...

Looking forward to hear what you thought of the cake then!

And thanks for all your sweet comments, I think many of the troubles and hardship we have to go through make us discover old and new talents, that's what happened with me and the jewellerymaking, baking and blogging/writing. A blessing in disguise:)

No, the hearts are quite big, in a smallish way (if that made any sense...:) made of stone and I got the in an African art shop, purely for decoration. But adorable indeed.

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