Wednesday, December 19, 2007

In Hate We Trust... the name of a pressing photo exhibition about hatecrimes and dangerous narrow-mindedness, by Swedish photographer Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin. Only a few pictures, but they do leave a depressing lump in both throat and stomach. A lump of despair.

There are so many inconceivable, hateful tides in society, in certain groups, sometimes in well-established political alignments, others in more or less shady groupings, often with a religious pretext. I wonder why it is that so many, far too many, people and groupings have such difficulties in accepting and acknowledge differences and nuances in life, in people, in views. There are always room for improvement, change, evolvement.

As an example, I believe that if a twogender parenting was the one and only sole prevailing answer to a loving, caring, responsible way of having and bringing up a child, there wouldn't be all these unwanted, sadly ill-treated children all over the world. I have absolutely no idea why one's se*ual preferences in a grown up relationship would make one a less or more worthy and caring parent.

I don't necessarily consider all of Ohlson Wallin's pictures very good - and frankly, the lingua enforcement believes that her website could do with a fair share of proofreading and editing wordwise... - but they very much make you think, question and react. And that can never ever be a bad thing.

Even if one haven't got any personal experience in these types of hatecrimes I believe these issues concern us all, we're all part of the same planet and is a single-minded, bigot, narrow-minded world something to strive for, or accept?

071218 001

The exhibition, with emotional background music by Eva Dahlgren, is on at the Stockholm County Museum, Sickla, Nacka until January 27. Admission free. Go see.


stromsjo said...

The word "hate" is being used and misused in all sorts of contexts. "I hate the fact that the bus is late".

Pia K said...

It's the same with it's counterpole "love" - "I love brussel sprouts". Let's save the use of the extreme words for when they're very much needed, and both sadly and gladly they quite often are.

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