Sunday, December 16, 2007

Shape Of My Heart

There are certain shapes, materials, patterns, colours and designs that always draw my attention, sometimes entice me to enter a shop, make me yearn, now and then positively screams buy me ! buy me! Such a shape is the heart's.

Maybe it's the symbolism, maybe it's simply that special versatile form of a heart. Whatever it is, I so heart hearts! I like to incorporate it in my jewellery, in a non-obvious, semi-secret way, I like the heart to be a slight surprise when discovered. I like to create heartshapes. I enjoy just looking at them, and yes when possible I like to hold them in my hand, feel the weight, caress the shape, fondle the surface and reflect on the secrets inside.

This particular heart is made of stone, but it's just so lovely. Can be found in the African design shop I wrote about here - at a very reasonable price, allowing you to buy, get or give many hearts. And as often is the case with hearts, they come in unique shapes, different engravings and colours - a heart shaped for everyone.

And I'm fairly sure, that if you care for it, whisper your secrets so only the heart hears, it will make all your wishes come true.

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Poppy Q said...

Hi Pia,
the heart is pretty and I loves the look of that orange/coconut/chocolate cake. Could you post the recipe pretty please.

I hopes you had a good weekend friend.

Poppy Q

Pia K said...

Thanks, Poppy Q, will post recipe some day soon:)

Have been busy, busy with saying goodbye to the little furry ones who moved out this weekend, both sadness and relief - now it's someone else's turn to take care of those little tykes:)

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