Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cauliflower Times Three

It's been a while since I last wrote about my kitchen concoctions. One might say that my inspiration and desire to try out new things kind of petered out after the Christmas happenings - when the things cooked and eaten came back to visit a bit too soon, so to write... Therefor the things I've cooked since Christmas have mostly been old, dependable things, maximum nutrition and flavour with minimum effort. If possible.


Yesterday I did try a new soup, from a simple recipe I found in the local newspaper. And it turned out absolutely delicious, creamy cauliflowersoup. And from the three cauliflower soup I've tried as lately I must say that the one I made myself was by far the best. Really. In other words, my gratitude to the local newspaper.

The other two soups were sampled first at that lovely little place in Gustavsberg - remember my marathon man? - that once went by the name Skafferiet i Hamnen (The Pantry in the Harbour) now called Café Tornhuset (Café Towerhouse) where they serve a really decent afternoon tea at certain hours. A place perfect for soothing any sore gum after seeing the dentist a k a the marathon man.
Anyhow. This time it was lunchsoup, or a sandwich, and I opted for the soup. Which happened to be cauliflower. Alas not a very good soup, strange watery consistency and a weird aftertaste. Which is plain silly since it is so easy to make a good soup, and one should think especially when you have a place that offers food...

080111 011

The second soup I only had a spoonful of - since that time I chose a sandwich for lunch, which turned out to be, if not the very smallest, at least one of the smallest sandwiches I've ever seen/had. A snack-for-a-not-very-hungry-seagull-size sandwich, and most certainly not something to satiate an ordinary hungry human lunchguest after a long walk. On the other hand, had I gone for the soup I most probably wouldn't have chose to have a cake too. And if I hadn't had that wonderfully flavoury, delicious pumpkin cake I would have been a much more sullen after lunch human Piaing... -

080125 016

and it was at the well-reputed restaurant Momumat at the Museum of Modern Art. The food is often inventive and very well-made, a bit pricey now and then, but mostly also quite tasty. Though a *slight* minus for all the coffee being made and "served" by a machine... Nasty naughty lapse in otherwise quality thinking. The espressobar at the museum's main entrance is said to serve decent coffee instead...

The cauliflower soup then, how was it? So-so, a bit too tangy in aftertaste, due to the apples included I gather, and to serve it with whipped curry cream was... well, a rather unpalatable thing to do. If you ask me. And of course you do.

Conclusion - cauliflower soup is best had at home. Local newspaper style. In this case a conclusion both underlined and with exclamation mark.

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