Friday, January 25, 2008

The Crowning

Now and then I ponder about which views and motifs that are most common when promoting Stockholm. Or, for that matter, when you visit as a tourist. Where do you get the most Stockholmian view, the ultimate view that captures the essence of this fair city, where, where, where?

Well, since Stockholm (love) is all around us I don't think there's any obvious answer to that question. However, I think one can distinguish some sights, some angles when zooming in on a certain object of besottedness, that are more commonly occurring than others.

Like Riddarholmen (Knight's Islet) seen from the City Hall.

Or the view from Fjällgatan overlooking a whole lot of Stockholm.

And perhaps this one, the lovely gilded crown and the Royal Palace and parts of Old Town in the background. Ah for once I actually did get a bit of sunny weatherly benign cooperation when trying to capture a royal glimpse.

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1 comment:

John Eaton said...

Lovely post, Pia.

Happy New Year.

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